Project Overview

Marathon provides a full range of services in Information Technology focusing in the areas of Deployment and Field Service. We serve clients in the retail, hospitality and business services industries globally. Once a refresh or new installation is completed our clients have come to depend on us to provide reliable, responsive post installation support at reasonable rates. Below is a partial list of projects completed including ongoing support.

Client Installation Projects Sites Units
Paint Retailer Refresh existing POS equipment 150 sites 600 units
Upscale Shoe Retailer Pin-pad capture device installation and software upgrade 500 sites 786 units
Various Retailers Customer traffic counter installation 125+ sites 150+ units
Casual Dining Restaurant Restaurant file server installation 3000 sites 3000 units
Fast Food Restaurant Handheld tablet installation 428 sites 428 units
Casual Dining Restaurant Wi-Fi access point installation 100 sites 100 units
Government Agency Refresh existing workstation 450 sites 850 units
Casual Dining Restaurant Drive-Thru solution 50+ sites 50+ units
Medical Office and Lobby Digital signage 75+ sites 75+ units
Regional Real Estate Firm New workstations 123 sites 610 units
Fast Food Restaurant Wireless safety and security solutions 101 sites 610 units
Retail Store Traffic counting solutions 81 sites 81 units
Airport Store PCI Network lock boxes 50 sites 100 units
Large Retail Bank Teller printer and software upgrade 250 sites 750 units
Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Thru Timers 875 sites 1800 units
Fast Food Restaurant Wireless Headsets 210+ sites 1000+ units
Fast Food Restaurant Production Systems 50 sites 1000 units
Fast Food Restaurant Drive Thru Timer (Canada) 217 sites 230 units
Fast Food Restaurant Digital Signage (Canada) 72 sites 120 units
Client Post Installation/Maintenance Service Sites Units
Fashion Retailer 4 hour SLA POS troubleshooting and repair 350 sites 1400 units
Pharmacy Retailer POS troubleshooting and repair 22 sites 88 units
Fast Food Restaurant 4 hour SLA troubleshooting and repair 1000+ sites 2000 + units
Correctional Facilities Kiosk troubleshooting and repair 68 sites 68 units
Private Consulting Firm Desktop/laptop/network troubleshooting and repair 55 sites 2400 units
Fashion Retailer 4 hour SLA POS troubleshooting and repair 170 sites 170 units
Retail/Grocery Stores POS troubleshooting and repair 22 sites 30 units
Fast Food Restaurant POS Peripheral device/ troubleshooting and repair 140 sites 250 units