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Best of CompTIA AMM16 – Promises Kept – IT Services Customer Experience

Picking my top two experiences from AMM was easy this year.  Both experiences were about people and technology each one made your heart beat faster, ponder and encourage others to move forward.

because I said I would (bcisaidiwould), Alex Sheen

Motivated by the loss of his father, Sheen founded a nonprofit and international social movement dedicated to the betterment of humanity through kept promises.  Since his father’s passing they have sent over 3.1 million promise cards to over 150 countries.  Learn from a former technology guy how making and keeping promises can help you reach your goals and enrich your life.

Have a few minutes to see more?  View the video:
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Alex  Fulfill promises you make & help create a better world.  

Want more of Alex?  Check it out :  Don’t Just Make Commitments…Keep Them

The ITSS Community Group

For the full write up:  Strengthening Your Reputation, Developing Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Retaining customers through a great customer experience increases profits in a number of ways.  In these Ted-Talk style presentations learn the benefits and methods for providing a great customer experience.  Aaron, Cristina, Ron, Mary Ellen and I shared lots of nuggets in this session.

Twitter feedback on the session:

Mar 22 Focus on the  – mission, vision, deliverables, go above and beyond!  
MichelleRagusaMcBain @MichelleRagusa Mar 22 Throw a pizza/ice cream party, send cards, spend time together w/your clients    
Mar 22 Your online activity matters- pay attention to your social feeds   


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