Subcontractor Opportunities

We are committed to providing industry leaders with the highest quality in consulting and managed services. To do so means we need talented, dedicated and results-oriented people. We use a network of Independent Contractors to fulfill client requests.

Minimum experience required: 2+ years of IT experience, CompTIA A+ certification or other, strong customer service skills, excellent communication skills, troubleshooting skills, detail orientated and the ability to follow SOW (Scope of Work).

**Must have reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license*

*Subcontractors can be subject to complete and pass screenings for consideration.*

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 978-226-1171 option 2.

Back Office Technicians –

Experience with back office equipment, networking and cabling. Additional experience to include, imaging pc’s/laptops as well as attaching PC’s to domain and printers to network.

Server and Network Technicians –

Servers: Support back office servers with troubleshooting and installation.
Networks: Installing and troubleshooting wired and wireless access points, preferrably Cisco or other OEM certified.

Drive-Thru System Repair and Installation Technicians –

Experience with Fast Food Drive Thru systems with break-fix/troubleshooting and/or installation.

CCTV Installation Technicians –

Experience installing dome security cameras inside and outside of restaurants. Primary installations are indoor, but will need experience mounting outside of building. Networking and Structured Cabling technicians. Cabling and BNC tools needed.

Traffic Counter Installation Technicians –

Will need techs with an 8′ A-Frame ladder.
Knowledge of cabling Cat5e.
Tech will be mounting camera to ceiling or wall off to the side of the entrance angled down to cross the plane of the entrance to capture people as they come in or leave the store.
Will then need to secure the VP2 Controller box above the dropped ceiling tiles.
Run the Cat5e cabling to either the back of the store or cash wrap (where ever the router is located).
Connect the CAT5e cabling to the POE.
Connect the POE to the network switch.
Verify the camera is on by checking the lights.
Contact the manufacturer to align/focus/calibrate camera.

Point of Sale Technicians – Hardware & Software –

Experience with troubleshooting, break-fix and installation of Point of Sale hardware including pin pads. Weights and scaled certified technicians preferred. Experience with operating systems, following a software upgrade documentation precisely and ensuring that end user is up and running.