Post NRF 2016 Buzz

Following the 2016 NRF Big Show our team collaborated on some of the new ideas and exciting solutions seen at this year’s show.

Authors: Steve Simone & Emilee Schopp

While we saw many payment solutions at the show with EMV being a major touch point, we were intrigued to find that the innovations that were most exciting were the endless application opportunities. We realize that EMV opens the door to the future of payment options as well as data driven customer interactions.

For further details read the Chain Store Age- Beyond fraud, why EMV is a good thing.

The Buzz Word this year is “Mobile First”. Retailers are using this philosophy already and the new innovations are at a fever pitch with improved mobile applications, the Internet Of Things and beacon technology. Improving the in-store, mobile and web purchase interactions have raised the bar with customer engagement. Customers can now be reached with relevant sales incentives that create more personable shopping experience vs. being overladen with off target product promotions.

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