National Roll-Outs

Replacement or upgrading of IT equipment in the field can be a costly and involved process. Our ability to deliver simultaneous multi-site installations allows nationwide roll-outs to be completed in the shortest time possible. This means company wide upgrades can be completed in days not weeks, providing a real competitive advantage.

Nationwide Coverage

We provide Nationwide Coverage with local field service and Information Technology professionals. By leveraging our network of local field service professionals we are able to keep travel costs down usually associated with large scale projects. We have extensive experience with computer equipment deployments, point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks, tablets, personal computers (PC’s), server installs, software roll-outs and upgrades, network and wireless solutions, as well as cabling.

Single Point of Contact

A Project Manager (PM) is provided to you as your single point of contact for the project requirements. The PM handles all the delicate details and monitors the quality of service provided during your project roll-out.

Quality Control

When our client’s succeeds Marathon succeeds. Delivering projects on time, within budget, and to specification, Marathon Deployment delivers cost-effective services to the highest quality standards, offering real client value.