Project Management

As a business owner, you should remain focused on the productivity and performance of your organization- not, juggling a new technology or a deployment roll-out.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced project managers specialize in overseeing deployment implementations, so your attention can focus on your business.

Our experienced project managers are invaluable to your organization. Having the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, with a defined SOW from start to finish; regardless of industry.

This specialty role is important to the success of Marathon Deployment one that contributes to our history of success.

We believe that client satisfaction stems from our project managers dedication and single point of contact throughout the hardware deployment.

We believe that client satisfaction stems from our project managers dedication and single point of contact throughout the hardware deployment.

We ensure that each deployment is successful

Our project managers continue to develop and refine documented processes and procedures in preparation for a successful deployment, to avoid any unforeseen obstacles that might occur.

  • A well-defined scope of work is carefully and thoughtfully crafted for each unique project. This process starts with a Project manager attending a live installation to better understand the required scope of work, enabling them to produce a specific SOW. This information will be used in the development of the Installation Training Manual to formalize a standard of work, assuring repeatability.
  • This becomes the roadmap to success!
  • While drafting the SOW, we establish the requirements and determine a course of action that includes an estimated time for completion and resources needed, for a successful deployment roll-out.
  • The PM serves as single point of contact for clients, OEMs and our field service organization, making sure the Statement of Work is achieved and performed under the SOW.
  • PM continues to monitor all aspects of the project to ensure expectations are met based on the SOW.
  • Exceptional communication from start to finish is key.
  • The PM and associates are scheduled to cover all time zones for National rollouts.
  • Continued support during hardware deployments, upgrades, and site surveys.
  • PM conducts regular meetings with each client to communicate updates and status of project.
  • Overseeing all individual tasks to ensure the project meets all objectives.
  • Guaranteeing the desired outcome for each client is met.

Marathon Deployment’s Project Managements continuous improvement policy, strengthens our reputational integrity and competitive advantage, while simultaneously improves customer satisfaction.


“Marathon Deployment has provided consistently good service and support for our customers throughout the entire United States including Hawaii. Their fast response time and ability to work with our ticketing system are particularly beneficial to our efforts.”

Michael Haskell

Director, Field Operations – ParTech, Inc.

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